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About Pioneer Properties

At Pioneer Properties, we have a Passion for Facilities, a passion that has driven us for more than 20 years to provide pristine working environments for our customers in residential and commercial spaces. Our process is simple: get out of the way and let our clients run their businesses. We take care of the rest.

Facilities and Construction Management Services

Ever since our founding, Pioneer Properties has focused its expertise on maintaining retail and commercial facilities to achieve the highest level of appearance and functionality. We also bring a high level of excellence to the construction and/or expansion of new and existing structures.

Maintenance Services

• HVAC repairs

• Plumbing & sewer emergencies

• Electrical repairs

• Lock/core changes

• Flooring repairs, carpentry, and painting

• Exterminating

• Backflow prevention testing

• Power washing

• Annual alarm & fire extinguisher testing


Construction Services

• Remodels

• ADA Renovations

• Office Build Outs

• Design Build Projects

• Commercial Property Construction 

A project manager assigned to your account will provide you with a complete project assessment, detailed proposals and progress reports.

Our dedicated service professionals ensure quality service to every location to reflect your brand image consistently.


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