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About Pioneer Properties

A Passion for Facilities

Two decades ago, Pioneer was founded on a simple principle: A Passion for Facilities. This is reflected in every aspect of our culture:

A passion for building and nurturing an excellent team dedicated to our clients.

A passion for excellence in every aspect of facilities management and construction.

A passion for seamless and expeditious service 24/7.

A passion for state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

A passion for making certain that every aspect of doing business with Pioneer is “Always A Pleasure.”

You have a business to run. Products to sell, people to manage, finances to monitor and invest.

At Pioneer Properties, our mission is to focus on your facilities so that you are free to focus on your business.
For 20 years, our unrivaled team has been managing and constructing every aspect of our clients’ facilities with expertise, experience, accountability and 24/7 immediate response times, wherever and whenever, the need arises.
We guarantee the highest quality people, processes and work product at highly competitive fees, keeping your cost structure and bottom line in focus.
Pioneer Properties assumes responsibility for the major construction projects and the emergency maintenance issues that spring up any time of day or night with equal commitment and attention to detail. The ability to count on us as their “go-to” firm is what makes us the trusted partner in facilities and construction for a roster of leading firms in the nation.

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